Lisbon: what to eat & drink and see in between 

1. Stroll Lisbon to Belem

Join the runners and cyclists and wander the 10ish k from Cais do Sodre to Belem. Pass graffiti, waterside restaurants and the marina before you reach the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge and the gateway to Belem. Here, the crowd thickens out as you pass the striking new Maat sculpture and head towards Belem Tower. 

2. LX Factory

A slight walk out of town this old factory complex is packed full of quirky shops, market stalls and bars. Watch life unfold from the window of Wish Slow Coffee House, or check out the graffiti adorning the old factory walls.

3. Enoteca De Belem

This new pop up from Enoteca De Belem offers an intimate three courses menu complete with matched wines and coffee. Take a seat at the communal table and tuck in next to Belem’s businessmen, tourists and foodie travellers. The service is top notch. A steal at €33. 

4. Pensao Amore

This brothel turned bar just above red street feels both opulent and run down. The ornate, false ceiling cuts a dash, and the pictures and antiques are nothing sort of intriguing. Visit the toilets…

5. Bairro Do Avillez

Lisbon’s Michelin star chef Jose Avillez has created a foodie paradise at Barrio Do Avillez. With two restaurants, a market and a secret bar, it describes itself as an ‘entire universe devoted to creativity and to the best Portuguese flavour’. Whatever, worth a peek for the food and creative ceiling adorned with dangling ceramic fried eggs, broccoli and a host of other meats and veg. 

6. Kiosk Bar

Grab a take away from the local bottle shop, or splash out a couple of Euro on a glass of wine and take a pew at sunset. Bands belt out tunes to a chilled, appreciative crowd while people drink, dance, chill and watch the word go by. 

7. A Cevichieria

Queue for a table with the locals propped up outside with a cold, crisp glass of white. Then, when your turn comes, sit under the giant fibreglass octopus (striking, rather than tacky) and dig into tapas style plates of fresh fish that pack a punch. 

8. Time Out Market 

Stall upon stall of restaurants now pack Lisbon’s old fruit and veg market. Opened in 1994 by the Time Out Portugal team, the building in itself is a beauty. Place your order, grab a buzzer then enjoy burgers, artisan pizza or platters piled high with local meat and cheese from the 28 restaurants and eight bars. 


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