PLEB: Pizza Roman


Street food is big business. According to The Food People the are 2.5k+ social mentions of it each month across the web, and an Amazon search shows over 5,738 books (mine found much more) relating to street food. From gourmet mac & cheese, falafel and dosa, to handmade burgers, pulled pork and tacos street food is a winner, sure to pull in the crowds.

There are already a couple of established operators serving street food pizza across the UK – Pizza Pilgrims, Fundi and Well Kneaded to name a few – but there’s a new kid on the block, PLEB: Pizza Roman, who is sure to give them all a run for their money.

Launching in Lewes this Saturday, 22 June, PLEB is the new venture from Restaurant magazine’s Joe Lutrario and school friend Jake Fitch, an architect and expert on the Roman pizza scene. The Lewes school friends will be serving up thin, Roman-style pizzas from their home town’s market most Saturdays from 12-4 ish.

Made from dough fermented for 48 hours, the pizzas are hand stretched, rolled thinner than most pizzas you’re able to get in the UK, before being baked in an attractive wood burning oven at 400 degrees for around a minute.

The duo will offer a frequently changing selection of toppings inspired by seasonal, local produce and featuring meats and cheeses imported from Italy. During a taster session we were treated to asparagus with asparagus and walnut pesto, mushroom & truffle oil and pizza bianca with courgette, tomato and garlic. Prices start from a reasonable £3.50 and peak at £4.50.

Check them out and get stuck in. You won’t be disappointed.




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