Ulaanbaataar: What to eat & drink (and see in between)

1. Cherry Bakery. Here the truly tasty mixes with the utterly bizarre. Sit back, relax and enjoy a pastry and a coffee while builders, businessmen and local delivery drivers pop in to stock up at the best bakery in town.

2. Mongolian BBQ. While not top of the culinary pops here on the UK high street, the real deal is pretty spectacular. Hand pulled noodles and piles of fresh veg are topped only by the first class knife skills and amazing memories of the chefs cooking up to 30 dishes simultaneously on giant hot plates.

3.Ikh Mongal. Mongolian folk rock fuses with local beers and plenty of Chinggis Khan vodka at this popular city centre night spot. Get there early, grab a table and get ready for a once in a life time cultural experience in the world’s coldest capital city.

4. Gandantegchinlen Monastery. Sanskrit chanting cuts through the crisp, cold air making this a truly magical place. Marvel at the giant gold foot, monks with mobiles and brightly coloured prayer bands. Just remember, don’t turn your back to Bhudda.

5. Naran Tuul Market. Hold onto your hats (and your wallets) and experience UB’s bustling market where the ‘real people’ shop. Vocal traders vie for business touting everything from yak’s wool socks, ream upon ream of material and possibly more cakes than could be consumed in a year by the entire population of Mongolia.

6.Taxi journey. Take your life in your hands jumping in to a taxi, or perhaps just the back of a skint boy racer’s car, in down town UB. Fast, furious, and definitely not safe the ‘taxis’ always seem to arrive at destination despite the hairy drive and language barrier.

7. Mongolian Steppe. Head for the hills. A short hop from the city is the wide open Mongolian Steppe where gers, horses and bright blue skies shed light on the true traditions of beautiful Mongolia.

8. Dumplings. Dead certain Mongolia was going to be a diet quick fix the dumplings came as a very pleasant surprise. Beautifully light, and moreish in a not so diet-friendly way.








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