Belfast: What to eat & drink (and see in between)

1. Merchant Hotel. One that certainly lives up to its reputation. Pull up a pew and sup cocktails with the cool kids. Attentive staff and comfy surroundings mean an afternoon drink may turn into dinner. But when two can dine for £55 – three courses and a bottle of wine – and the cocktails are this good, who is complaining.

2. Black Cab tour. Take a trip through modern history with one of Belfast’s Black Cab tours. A good driver will tell tales of the troubles and the stories behind the city’s murals taking you through Falls
Road, Shankill Road and past the Peace Wall. One not to miss.

3. Giant’s Causeway. Worth the trip along the coastal road from the city and into Antrim’s stunning countryside. Crashing waves, a nip of Bushmill’s whiskey and a blast of sea air set the scene nicely for the story of Finn McCool.

4. Cafe Conor. Sitting on the spot of artist William Conor’s studio and decorated with huge child-like paintings of Penguin classics this local institution serves good grub with Irish charm.

5. MAC Belfast. Must-see art gallery on the edge of the Cathedral Quarter. Currently showing Warhol.

6. Cathedral Quarter. Quirky cobbled streets meet tourist tat and chain stores. Venture down the side streets to uncover some hidden gems – pubs, restaurants and murals. Oh, and the pretty impressive cathedral too.

7. Belfast Museum. Situated in the beautiful Botanic Gardens this museum is worth a look for its chilling exhibition on Northern Ireland’s history. Atmospheric film and a well put together exhibition details the troubles.

8. Titanic exhibition. Ok, not really my thing but impressive none the less. Whizzy exhibition and pretty spectacular dry dock. The soup in the cafe is not too bad either.



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