The Two Brewers, Windsor



Tucked away, right at the bottom of quaint Park Street, the gateway to Windsor’s Great Park, The Two Brewers is an olde English pub serving good food and an extensive range of quality drinks.

Its well kept exterior, bursting with hanging baskets, gives way to a tiny pub, cluttered with books, photographs and newspaper cuttings documenting The Two Brewers’ life over the last few centuries.

The lunch menu boasts hearty sandwiches and pub favourites like fish and chips and honey roasted ham. The fishcakes were light, almost melt-in-the-mouth, while the ham and cheese sandwich was served on fresh granary bread with a good handful of chips.

The smart presentation – a sandwich sitting on platter made from a champagne box accompanied with a mini frying basked housing the chips – was pleasing the hoards of lunchers.

Despite being on the busy side, the pub is a perfect spot for lunch. Especially is you want to wash it down with a local ale or one of the many wines from the menu.

It’s also a hop and skip from The Long Walk. A pleasant 2.64 mile stroll from the Castle gate to the foot of the famous statue of King George II (The Copper Horse).

Once you pass the picnicers and cross the road, look out for the deer darting around the beautiful Berkshire countryside.


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