Pizza East, London

Pizza East, Shoreditch

Sometimes you can’t beat a pizza. But at Pizza East the pizzas beat us. In a good, can’t eat any more, though you really, really want to kind of way.

Huge, light, crispy, sourdough bases arrived topped with a really rich tomato sauce. The balance of the mushrooms, ricotta, spinach, egg was perfect (though I’m still not sure about egg on a pizza), while the speck, spinach and scamorza really hit the spot.

Washed down by a well-priced house white (we’ll over look the fact that it was served in tumblers –  a pet hate) and served up with a dash of Shoreditch slap-dash our only real complaint was the hassle when it came to pay. You don’t really want to have to ask for the bill four times.

The modern pizzeria is situated in the ground floor of the tea building on the corner of Bethnal Green Road and Shoreditch High Street. The vast warehouse spaces is kitted out with a space for everyone: long banqueting tables for groups, cosy tables for two and a more relaxed deli area where it’s ok to sit on your own and read the paper.

We’ll definitely be back.


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