Cover up your cakes

Notoriously fussy about germs and bacteria, I’ve been known to leave a pub because I’ve spotted a cat in the dining area, and shuffle out of a sandwich shop because the cleanliness doesn’t seem up to scratch.

This pedantic penchant for pristine cafes, bars and restaurants has served me well. Not once have I been struck down by food poisoning (touch wood) and on many occasions, I’ve backed out of a dodgy dive to find a hidden gem just round the corner.

But I’ve spotted a worrying trend in some of London’s more salubrious establishments. Uncovered  food.

It’s everywhere. From cakes and sandwiches on counters, to baskets of bread in bakeries. Now, I might be the only one, but I don’t want withered watercress in my baguette or spit in my sandwich. Cover up your cakes!


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